1.About JEMA


Nowadays, industrial structure and the people's living has been developing and complex, so that various waste is discharged. We should dispose of them appropriately, but the disposal of cremation ashes has not been progressing. Also, the government and municipality have not been able to set forth a guideline of them to private companies.

To settle this problem, Japan Environment Management Association, JEMA for short, is established by companies and organizations which deal with environmental problems. JEMA will research improvement of disposal of cremation ashes and spread our research result and knowledge to a lot of companies and people.


Our objectives are to research technology and management of the disposal of cremation ashes which came from crematories, to educate private companies to manage cremation ashes and to take an awareness campaign of this problem and solution. As a result, the people's living environment will be protected, public health will improve, and then we will be able to contribute to our society.
Furthermore, according to Article 1 of the Graveyards and Burials Act of Japanese law, it says that the way of burial and management shall match people's religious susceptibilities. Therefore, we must respect decedent's dignity and bereaved family's feeling, and we will promote to set a final burial place. Also, we cooperate on "Resident service", which means the greatest goal of the administrative body.

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